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Susan Goldsmith

About Susan Goldsmith

Goldsmith has been making her art for decades. She is represented by three galleries nation wide, has exhibited internationally and is in numerous collections worldwide.

Click on the images below to view Susan Goldsmith's artwork available for sale at this year's show.

Artist Statement

“Susan Goldsmith’s recent works reveal an artist in full command of her complex technique, stretching her wings,  asking complex and fruitful questions and exploring new approaches.

The technical creation of these pieces is complex and demanding.  Goldsmith selects an image to be photographed.  As in her previous exhibitions, the artist is in love with evanescent moments in nature: the glint of light on water, the dewy mystery of a gray day, spring buds beginning to open on the branch.  She next creates a metal leaf ground using silver or gold leaf on wood.  Over this  reflective surface, she floats the  photographic image.  This representation eventually rests between the layers of her materials like a fly or a leaf in ancient amber.  Goldsmith next hand paints in acrylic and watercolor, adding to and complicating the chroma and forms of the plants and flowers. Finally, when Goldsmith’s mark making is complete,  the entire composition is surfaced with a transparent, permanent resin. This last layer seals in all of the artist’s touches along with the photographic image to create a sense of timelessness based on an initial image of transience.

Goldsmith is pursuing her lush, romantic paintings at a time when the art world seems pre-occupied with social comment and theoretical discourse.  She is unafraid of unleashing her sumptuous, poetic spirit. In Goldsmith’s new works, we are invited to experience nature’s redemptive power depicted by a skilled priestess, guiding us through her ever-changing realms of beauty.”

excerpted from an essay by Robert Kushner, 2016

Past Artwork

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What People Are Saying

We went here because one of our kids wasn't feeling too well so we looked for options that were softer than trekking (summers) , and we absolutely loved it . The art work is fascinating and beautiful and varied ...a must visit - esp if its a rainy day :)

- amazingnivs, Mumbai

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