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Theodore Waddell

About Theodore Waddell

For over five decades, Theodore Waddell has pursued his passion for art. With careers as a professor of art and rancher, his current work is a reflection of the influences of these two professions. His abstract impressionistic rendering of real subject matter reflect the American experience of living in the West and his love of the land which draw the viewer into that world. Waddell divides his time between his ranches and studios in Hailey, Idaho and Sheridan, Montana where he lives with Lynn Campion, writer and photographer. In these settings he explores the profound affect light has on the western setting. He spends much time observing before he paints the places that he is interested in and then captures the spirit and intensity of the modern West by stacking elements and permeating the space with seasonal light which affects nature's colors, forms and animal life. Waddell's career took off in 1983 when he was invited to exhibit his work in the prestigious Corcoran Biennial 38th Survey of American Art. In 2004 he was honored at the White House for his collection of paintings in various U.S. Embassies. His works are found in private and corporate collections throughout the world.

Artist Statement

What I try to do when I paint is to alter my perception of my world. This is my primary goal. The way in which this happens, I think, is to try to move from what I know to what I don't know, examining a situation - landscape, cows, horses, etc. - in a way that I have not done before. This takes place in the form of manipulating color, form placement, light, materials and scale. Basically, we all have access to the same information. How each artist uses the information is what is important. Work that opts for things as they are, status quo, or work that makes no comment or interpretation of that information, ultimately doesn't last. Work that opts for nostalgia (history, western art) doesn't last either. I prefer work that is open ended and doesn't attempt to lead me in a certain way and determine all of the conclusions. I want my work to constantly change for me and for those who view it, hopefully it will be different each time I see it as well as for others who view it.

Past Artwork

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