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Living Legends

November 3, 2018 - April 14, 2019

This exhibition is dedicated to recognizing the strong tradition of contemporary wildlife art that continues to thrive today. Artists like Robert Bateman, Tucker Smith, Ken Carlson, and Ken Bunn, among others, have been key players in the history of this Museum and in what many people think of when they think about wildlife art.

Each of the thirty-plus artists included have played an important role over the years of the Museum’s development. The exhibition honors not only this relationship, but also highlights each artist’s ability to capture the essence of the Museum’s mission to collect the highest quality wildlife art.

“The National Museum of Wildlife Art is a place where I can study to understand the nuances of the importance of wildlife in their environment. It is a place, a legacy, where I can bring my children and my grandchildren, to show them this lasting memorial to the importance of being a human being with your neighbors: goats, elk and the like. It is a place to show those who come after us the love and reverence wildlife is due, on this earth, where we all live together.” Sherry Salari-Sander, Sculptor.

“The permanent collection of the National Museum of Wildlife Art is comprised of the most respected animal painters from around the world. It means a lot to hang in the company of these great past and contemporary artists.” Ken Carlson, Artist.

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