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TINY: Charismatic Minifauna from the Permanent Collection

October 20, 2017 - April 15, 2018

Throughout the history of human and animal relations, charismatic megafauna and other large species have received considerable attention. As profoundly significant to the human psyche as large animals are, they are not the only creatures to appear in works of art. Small animals, such as rodents, amphibians, and insects, are also important to our visual culture. Whether they are rendered as accurate, scientific specimens or as anthropomorphized caricatures, small animals are as informative about our own culture as they are about the natural world around us. Two noted artists planned for inclusion are William Kuhnert, who drew finches, parrots, and small falcons, and Pablo Picasso, who created imaginative prints of insects, lizards, and spiders.

“TINY: Charismatic Minifauna from the Permanent Collection” is generously sponsored by:

Nancy & Dick Collister

Stephanie Brennan

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