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National Museum Of Wildlife Art Celebrates Thirtieth Anniversary

May 18, 2017

The National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole is 30 years old this month. The museum is celebrating the occasion by curating two new exhibits from its permanent collection, both with a sharp eye towards conservation.

Since its arrival in 1987, the museum has moved to a new location and grown its permanent collection to include pieces by Picasso, Georgia O’Keefe, and Andy Warhol, and one of the exhibits opening for the anniversary is Warhol’s Endangered Wildlife portfolio.

Amy Goicoechea, the museum’s Director of Programs and Events, said ecologically-focused art dealers requested this series originally.

“They commissioned Warhol to do a set of ten prints in which endangered species became the super stars,” said Goicoechea.

She said the anniversary is a chance to remind people how important the relationship between humanity and wildlife really is. The other exhibit, “Exploring Wildlife Art,” is a collection of nature-focused work featuring famous Canadian naturalist painter Robert Batemen.

Goicoechea added the anniversary is about more than enjoying beautiful artwork, “but can also inspire and remind us to take action, to conserve habitat, to think more clearly and deeply about the wildlife we share this place with.”

The original article was posted on 5/17/17, and can be found here.

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